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8 Minute Carb Cycling by Christa Povec

Review by Kyra Fontaine

Christa Povec sets out a clear plan in her book “8 Minute Carb Cycling” and does so without making outrageous claims, which is the first point that endures me to her plan.   The plan which she lays out is an 8 week plan with a 6 days on and on the 7th day having a free meal neither of which are unheard of both of which makes sticking to the plan a bit easier.  Now she does reference calorie intake and I like the formula she uses to set what your personal intake should be.  There are currently discussions in the world of health and fitness where tracking calories is not a working solution in the long term something I still think the jury is out on but I agree with.  Now this changes as you proceed through the book and it gives a different option.

The six days a week works on 1 day moderate carbs and then 1 day on a lower carb level alternating each day.  So the main focus works on macronutrients which are a good solid base when you start losing weight.  When she drills down in the actual food she use

s the palm, fist and thumb way to determine serving size which I have always found a better way to eat and in some ways negates the calorie counting because when you start estimating and not weighing you can see a radical difference in what the actual calories per serving are from person to person and serving to serving.   Also when she moves to the recipes or plates laid out in the book they contain many things that I personally cannot eat and people with autoimmune issues might have problems with.  Not being able to use the actual meals that are in the book does not lessen the validity of the plan just means that you may need to spend time planning meals that work around your own diet restrictions and using her included food lists for the exchanges will make it easy.

When it comes down to beverages the plan allows all the normal and of course water is very important (something we all know should know by now!) but it does also mention coffee with “grass fed butter, coconut oil, coconut milk or heavy cream on the low carb day” So it pushes the Bullet Proof plan for coffee and is a way to up the nutrient intake in way of more fat on the low carb days.  This type of coffee is something I have tried and it did help with appetite and improvements in my skin this is because most of us have had the fear of fat drilled into us by the media for the last 50+ years.

So far so good then we get to the workouts and for a busy person the thought of working out just 8 min each morning can be a pleasing idea and I agree that for a person losing weight marathon gym session are not required but I prefer and recommend a bit more exercise.  The workouts finish with only one session of cardio for 30 to 45 min each weekend.  Now cardio can make weight loss harder in many ways and if you are a runner like me strength is only a small part of being healthy, the improvements in cardiovascular health are important.  The belief that running is bad for the knees is now a proven wrong in a number of studies but that is a story for another day and does not hold much bearing on the workouts laid out.  All in all the workouts seem light to me but I might include them for an early morning workout adding to my routine but not replacing it.

There are a few other items mentioned in the book between sleep and intermittent fasting and working on mindset.  The conclusion is that “8 Minute Carb Cycling” lays out a reasonable plan that anyone should be able to follow and give you plenty of options, though I find it lacking personally in a few areas is should work for the average person looking to lose weight and regain a healthier lifestyle.  It does all this without a ton of testimonials just to fill pages or the needless pseudo-science that most diet books spew now days to not only stretch the length and make arguments for what the average reader knows already.  I can recommend the book as a good source of information and even a workable plan, I have not yet attempted the plan but I hope others do read the book and give it a shot and try to add what you can to your daily life.  Check it out in the kindle store on amazon. Amazon